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Welcome to Colorado Puppy Rescue: Where Every Paw Matters!

At Colorado Puppy Rescue (CPR), our mission is to provide young puppies and their mothers a safe home where they have the best chance at a happier, brighter future. Since 2005, as a non-profit no-kill rescue, CPR has been dedicated to this cause by rescuing over 16,000 animals! Our blog will be about all things related to rescuing! Some topics include fostering, adopting, training, puppy health, and socializing; but first, we want to share who we are with you!

Three mixed breed puppies on a gravel road
Three mixed breed puppies on a gravel road

Providing a Haven to Rescue Puppies and Moms

Our CPR community, with open hearts and amazing foster homes has collectively found homes for more than 16,000 puppies. We are not only rescuers, but also advocates for safety, well-being, and life. From the moment they are welcomed into our care each CPR puppy becomes an important part of our extended families.

Adopting from Colorado Puppy Rescue

Adopting a CPR puppy is a great way to join a community of people who will support you every step of the way. Our adoption center in Aurora is a hub of loving support, where we have incredible volunteers and foster homes to make sure your adoption experience will be seamless and enriching!

Partnerships with a Purpose

Our network extends far beyond the walls of our center. We partner with shelters and animal rescues across Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas to provide a lifeline to the animals that don't have a place to call home. We are committed to helping our partners save lives.

From Unwanted to Cherished

These sweet puppies are often surrendered to shelters, abandoned along roadsides, or left in boxes - deserve a second chance in life. Our foster homes offer the next step in their journey, providing safety and comfort to puppies and moms who bring their litters with them.

Furthermore, people experiencing accidental litters can utilize our Last Litter Program where we find the puppies a great home and the mama dog is spayed at our cost. We hope this creates a positive change for the families involved knowing they don't have to surrender their dog to a shelter, without unwanted litters in the future.

United for A Brighter Future

Every rescue effort is driven by a shared goal: to give every mama dog and puppy the life they deserve. Every step, from the moment we answer a rescue partner’s call until the day the puppy finds a new home, is a step in the right direction.

Colorado Puppy Rescue is not only about saving dogs, but also about rewriting their stories. Every puppy, mother, adopter, foster, volunteer, and all supporters play a vital role in this journey. Join us to make a difference one paw, at a time. CPR is a place where compassion has no limits.

If you've adopted from us leave a comment with your experience! If you're new to Colorado Puppy Rescue start following us to learn about every aspect of dog ownership! From learning about the most common breed mixes we see, training tips, and bonding with your pup, to experiencing the positive impacts dog ownership can have!

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May 02

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