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Adoption Event Sign-Up

Sign up process:
Reservations ($6):

  • Puppies eligible for reservations have been to a previous adoption event

  • Puppies that are at their first event are not eligible for reservation, they are available for General Admission ONLY.

  • The first 30 minutes of our events are dedicated to the families that have reservations. If you reserved a specific puppy number during sign-up, you can only meet that puppy. If you want to meet with more than one puppy please sign up for General admission.


General Admission ($5):

  • This is best if you want to meet with more than one animal. 

  • Families with approved adoption applications will be called in the order they signed up to meet available puppies.

Walk in ($0)

  • The walk-in list is called AFTER the General Admission (GA) list

Helpful Adoption Information:

  • All animals are microchipped, and your adoption information is automatically registered with the microchip company.

  • Puppies are up-to-date on vaccines, but those under 5 months may need boosters.

  • You'll receive a hard copy of your pup's vaccine records upon adoption.

  • A transition bag of dog food will be provided, and you can bring your friendly dogs to the event as long as they are not showing any signs of illness - if they are, you should wait to adopt.

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