The Hopeful Hound
Is a licensed pet community and adoption center located in Aurora. The Hopeful Hound offers a safe place for rescues like CPR to meet with potential adoptive families. 
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A licensed, no-kill, non-profit rescue specializing in very young puppies and their mothers.

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How to Adopt

This is a VERY Unusual time so here are the details  about the adoption while we have Stay at Home Orders in place.

Who Can Adopt?
  • Adopters must be 21 years of age or older.

  • You must live within 18 miles of the Hopeful Hound, 10021 E. Iliff Ave, Aurora, CO 80247 (NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!!!)

  • Must be willing to adopt without an in person visit with the puppy first. If you have any hesitation about getting a new puppy, this is NOT the right time to adopt.

Sign-up On Our List

In an attempt to make this fair, we are going to use the Online Signup list.

The sign-up list is first come/first serve.

We will again require a cell phone number to entered when you signup.

Online sign-up will be available at 10:00 pm on Saturday evening (4/4/2020).

It will be closed down as soon as we have 60 families signed up (maybe sooner).

NOTE!!!! ONLY signup if one of the puppies that are available are of interest to you. Those will be the ONLY puppies to be adopted this week.

We ask that you fill out the Online Questionnaire BEFORE we contact you. 

Please watch the video (link included after online signup completed) before we contact you.

If you watch the video and now is not the time for you, please email and we will take you off the list.

How the adoption will work
  • Starting on Sunday morning at 8am - you will get a google sheet emailed to the address. This list will show last name, first initial, your place in "line" and will have the puppies numbers that are available. Note this is an interactive sheet, so as we work with someone we will be checking off names.

  • We will start doing zoom conferences at 10 am on Sunday starting at the top of the online signup list.

  • When it is your turn we will text a zoom conference link to your email address that we have for PayPal. If that email is not the right one, please email

  • During the zoom conference, we will determine that the puppy you want to adopt is available. If it is, we will email you electronic contract. We will answer any questions you may still have about the contract (NOTE the video will answer the majority of your questions). We will then have you sign the contract and pay the adoption fee.

  • The Zoom conference is NOT a meet and greet of your puppy. We will try to answer any questions that you have but we really have to be ready to take a leap of faith and adopt the puppy without meeting him/her first.

  • NOTE: We are asking for an additional $25 delivery fee when you adopt. Because of the travel restrictions, we will need to deliver your puppy to you.

  • We will be delivering the puppy to you THAT day!

Delivery / Receipt of Your Puppy
  • We will deliver the puppy within 24 hours of the contract being signed. (Most of the time within the hour).

  • One of our volunteers will leave the puppy (in a travel crate) on your doorstep, then return to their car. 

  • You will get your puppy out of the crate and take your pup inside.

  • Our volunteer will then retrieve the travel crate and be on their way.

  • We do ask that you take a selfie of you and your puppy and email with your puppy number so we can still post family photos for our shelters to see.