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How to Adopt

  1. Complete the adoption application here: [link]
    - you should hear from us within 24 hours
    - an approved application stays on file for 6 months
    - if your application is declined, we will not be able to adopt to you at this time

  2. RSVP for an adoption event: [link]
    - if you didn't RSVP, you can still walk-in for the event as long as you have an application on file

  3. Attend the event! 
    - Saturday events are from 9:30am-12pm
    - Weekday events are from 6pm-7pm
    - always check the web site for the date of the next event

          - we do occasionally take a week off and Tuesday events are only as-needed

          - 10021 E Iliff Ave. Aurora, CO 80247

Tips and Tricks for Adopting
  • Doors open 5 minutes before the date and time listed on the home page

  • If you are not there when we call your name we will add to next in line and we will move you to the bottom of the list when you show up.

  • You will be able to meet any available puppy of your choice and we will answer any questions you may still have about the contract (NOTE the video will answer the majority of your questions). We will then have you sign the contract and pay the adoption fee.

  • After the paperwork is complete you will be able to go home with your puppy.

  • If you want to prepare - our puppies are currently eating Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin & Stomach Puppy Food

    • ​You can find this at Petco, Petsmart, Amazon, & Instacart

  • In an attempt to make adoption as fair as possible, we pull our RSVP list 2 hours before the event and as long as you have an approved application you will be added to our "randomized" list. 

  • Any sign-ups after the 2 hour mark will be added to the "walk up list" when you arrive.

  • To RSVP on the list to adopt a puppy, you will donate $5 at this [link]
  • The RSVP list is randomized and duplicate entries are removed. 
  • If all goes well and you decide to adopt, please be prepared to take your new puppy home that day
  • Signing up on the RSVP List does not guarantee you a puppy - you will still have to come in to meet and pick out your potential puppy.
  • The $5 signup is a donation to Colorado Puppy Rescue and allows us to take in animals who might need more extensive medical care.
  • Adoption applications stay active for 6 months from the time of completion, you do not need to fill one out for each event. You must submit the application prior to signing up on the RSVP List. Adoption Applications will be reviewed and approved or rejected prior to the adoption event. CPR reserves the right to refuse an adoption for any reason at any time even after an approval has been given. Unfortunately, if you sign up on the RSVP List but did not complete the Adoption Application, we will not be able to serve you at this time.
  • Please watch the adoption video before coming to adopt (the link is emailed to you in your approval email and is on the redirect website after you RSVP). If you watch the video and decide that now is not the time for you, please email with the subject line REMOVE [your name] and we will take you off the list.
  • If you didn't RSVP but are interested in one of the available puppies please fill out the Walk-Up List and come on in. This list is only checked on on the day of the adoption event until 1 hour before closing. We will only respond to submissions during that time frame. You must already have an accepted application and names will be put in the order they are received AFTER the RSVP list has been completed.
Who Can Adopt?

  • Adopters must be 21 years of age or older.

  • CPR reserves the right to refuse an adoption for any reason at any time.

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