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Volunteer Opportunities

Colorado Puppy Rescue offers a wide range of volunteer positions. Foster home, Junior and Adult volunteer programs require application approval and an orientation. We can not accommodate walk-ins or short term volunteers. If you require immediate community service hours for school or work, please see our Community Service section below.

Become a Foster Home

Fostering with Colorado Puppy Rescue: 

Fostering is a great way to have a temporary puppy. It's perfect for seniors, working/traveling adults, and families deciding if a puppy is the right pet for their family. Foster families usually pick up puppies on Wednesday evenings and care for them for a minimum of three nights or as long as one week. 


Colorado Puppy Rescue provides everything you need to take care of our puppies including a crate, food, toys and healthcare.  Applicants are required to complete a foster orientation and have their home inspected prior to fostering their first puppy.

One of the perks of fostering is that we do allow fosters to 'foster fail', or adopt their puppy, if they fall in love while fostering and follow the prescribed protocols.

All you need in order to be successful:

- be within about a 45 minute drive, or a distance you'd be willing to travel to pick up and drop off, of our community center, the Hopeful Hound, 10021 E Iliff Ave Aurora

- be a decision-maker in your home

- have a safe, clean environment with electricity, running water, and temperature control where the puppies will stay when they're with you


Here's what you can expect from us:

1. Within 24 hours of completing your application you'll receive your orientation instructions

2. Within 24 hours of completing your orientation and quiz, you'll receive an 'active' email and invitation to join our foster community

3. Schedule and complete your home inspection and start helping to save the puppies, young and old!

If you have extra love to give, we have pups in immediate need.

puppy face

Intake & Adoption Event Volunteers

CPR has a wide range of opportunities for adult volunteers (over 18 years old) including:

 -Helping at our Wednesday puppy intakes,

- Helping at Saturday and Tuesday adoption events

- Admin help

- Helping with fundraisers

- Organizing and attending our reunion events

- Social media marketing

- Representing CPR at community events

- Photography and videography

- Asking for donations

- Community outreach

- Riding shot-gun on our runs to pick up puppies

And more.


No Court Ordered Community Service Applicants Accepted.

Must be over 18 years old.

We are full at this time

Community Service Hours

Do you need community service hours for school or work? Are you running out of time? Colorado Puppy Rescue does not provide short-term volunteering opportunities but we have suggestions that will hopefully work for you and for our puppies.

No Court Ordered Community Service Applicants Accepted.

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