The Hopeful Hound
Is a licensed pet community and adoption center located in Aurora. The Hopeful Hound offers a safe place for rescues like CPR to meet with potential adoptive families. 
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A licensed, no-kill, non-profit rescue specializing in very young puppies and their mothers.

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New Amazon Wishlist created for some of our tiny wishes:


Please consider donating your gently used pet supplies to Colorado Puppy Rescue. We need crates, doggy gates, leashes, collars, pet beds, and anything else you can think of. Come by with your donations to our Saturday adoption events. Question email:

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Tiny wishes

Paper Towels

Puppy Food (any kind)

Piddle Pads

Metal Dog Bowls


Printing Paper (any color)

Light bulbs

Puppy Treats

Puppy Shampoo (any kind)

Trash Bags

Cleaning Supplies

Hot Water Bottles

Grooming brushes

Eye and Ear Cleaners (safe for puppies)

Puppy Nail Clippers 



Large Wire crates

Medium Sized Plastic "Travel" Crates

X-pens, Puppy Pens

Baby Gates

Gift Cards for Pet Stores and Groomers

Gift Cards for Office Supply Stores

Gift Cards to Lowes, 
Home Depot or Walmart

Printing Services

Quickbooks for Non Profits



Nikon D7100 or higher

Studio lighting for photos

Voucher for Van Maintenance

Tablet devices (in working order)

New Surface Pro 3