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Spay & Neuter Information

Colorado State Law 35-80-106.4 requires dogs adopted from rescues to be spayed or neutered.

  • ​Adopter agrees to spay or neuter their dog when it becomes 5 months of age and send proof of surgery to receive deposit back. 

  • Once documentation shows when and where puppy was spayed or neutered and that it was done within 5 months of age, the deposit will be returned.

  • For us to be compliant, we need to show that all of our puppies are being spay/neutered in a timely manner. Please send proof along with the request of deposit form, for those that wish you can also check the box that you want to make the deposit a donation. That way we make sure all of our puppies are taken care of.

 Our adopters must prove that their puppy is spayed or neutered before we can return the deposit. Please fill out the form below.

List of S/N Clinics

Most vets charge between

$500 - $800 for s/n surgery. Here is a list of lower cost options.

puppy with doctor kit

Request Deposit

Once your puppy has been altered, please submit information here.

puppy with doctor kit

Submit Extension

If your veterinarian wishes to extend the spay/neuter timeframe based on health concerns please attach their letter here. This will put an extension on your deposit.

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