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Need to Re-home Your Dog

We are sorry that your situation has changed. We can place an ad on our website and Facebook pages as adopt-by-owner. We get nearly 4,000 visits a week and dogs posted usually find a new home in 1-2 weeks.


To get this ad place please email the following:

  • A few paragraphs about him/her (focus on training, good with kids? Up-To-Date on shots? Should she be in a one dog family? Health? Activity level? Good with cats? Favorite things to do? Where does she sleep? Any behavior problems? Etc.)

  • Send two or three good pictures - a face shot and a body shot that shows size

  • We can also post a video of your dog playing or showing off tricks.

  • Provide and email address where potential adopters can email you directly.


Once the ad is posted, you can facilitate the meetings and re-homing. Dogs posted on our page must be free to the right home.

You can email all of this to and we will post it on our website.


Adopt-by-Owner advertising is a service that CPR provides for free.

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