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  • What Is Colorado Puppy Rescue?
    Colorado Puppy Rescue is a 501c3 non-profit, no-kill rescue dedicated to saving young puppies and their mama's. We have been licensed with PACFA for 16 years and is subject to annual inspections. As a 501(c)3 non-profit, CPR can accept tax deductible donations. Since CPR fosters first opened their homes in 2005, our CPR community has helped us rescue and find homes for over 16,000 puppies. We provide love, safety, and health care for our puppies while we search for their new forever family. A CPR puppy is always a CPR puppy. We adopt exclusively out of our adoption center in Aurora and work side by side with trainers and veterinarians to make your adoption experience a good one. Colorado Puppy Rescue's volunteers are allowed into every aspect of the organization and can attest to our genuine care and love for our puppy's health and well-being. Many CPR adopters add comments and follow us on Facebook. It is easy to find a previous adopter who can give a shining star recommendation or testimonial. We value our volunteers and adopters tremendously; we could not run the rescue without them. Thank you for considering Colorado Puppy Rescue and helping those who cannot help themselves.
  • How do I adopt a puppy?
    1. Complete the adoption application - you should hear from us within 24 hours - an approved application stays on file for 6 months (check your spam folder) 2. RSVP for an adoption event 3. Attend the event! - Saturday events are from 9:30am-1pm - Tuesday events are from 6pm-7pm - always check the main page on our web site for the date of the next event. We do occasionally take a week off and Tuesday events are only as-needed
  • How much is the adoption fee?
    In order to continue to rescue puppies, we request an adoption fee. Our adoption fee for puppies is $375 + $100 spay/neuter deposit for animals that have a veterinary exemption and not yet fixed. It is $475 for animals that are already fixed. Adoption fee includes microchipping. ​ See our Unexpected Expenses page as well to truly understand the potential cost associated with adopting a puppy.
  • Where are you located?
    Our address is 10021 E Iliff Ave Aurora, CO 80247. We are 100% foster based which means our animals are only in the building during adoption events. The adoption events are the only way to meet and adopt your puppy.
  • What puppies are available for adoption?
    Our available puppies page is updated in real time. You can click the following link to be redirected www.coloradopuppy.or/available-puppies
  • How do you know what breeds the puppies are?
    Short answer: We don't know what breeds they are Our puppies are considered mutts. Mixed Mutts are dogs that are descended from many generations of mixes. They are typically light brown or black and weigh about 40 lb. They typically stand between 15 and 23 inches tall at the withers. Many people enjoy owning mixed-breeds, valuing their unique appearance and characteristics. If you are looking for a pure bred puppy for your family, we are not the place for you. We rarely receive pure bred puppies because the puppies we get were not bred for profit. They were accidents. If you are looking for a pure bred puppy for your family, click HERE for a list of PACFA licensed Colorado breeders. Sometimes we will have the mother or on rare occasions, our driver will see a picture of the mother. However, in most situations at CPR (like other rescues and shelters), the breeds and ages are best guess based on coat, color, teeth, tail, size, and feet. We use years of experience, books, and the opinions of volunteers to help us. Sometimes we just get it wrong and sometimes the puppies' looks can change as they grow. See our "Before and After" photos. For more information on Mixed Breeds click here.
  • Do puppies get a vet check?
    All of CPR's puppies are given a full examination by our veterinarian prior to adoption. Our adopters are still encouraged to ask their vet for a free wellness checkup. Colorado Puppy Rescue would never knowingly adopt an ill puppy, but an illness clause is included in our adoption contract.
  • Have the puppies had shots?
    Yes. All puppies receive current vaccinations, deworming, and kennel cough vaccine. Most puppies over 12 weeks old have received their rabies vaccine. These vaccines are just the start. Dogs need vaccines throughout their lives. All animals are microchipped prior to adoption.
  • Where does Colorado Puppy Rescue get puppies?
    Our puppies come from rural shelters & rescues in Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, & Kansas. Northern Oklahoma Humane Society, Animal Services Center of The Mesilla Valley, Finney County Humane Society, and Walsenberg Animal Control are just a few of our rescue partners. Our partner rescues and shelters transfer puppies to CPR because shelters in rural areas often do not have the funding, the facilities, the personnel, or the population to adopt. Each of our partner rescues and shelters can explain their individual communities and challenges better than we can. This is a link to a letter from Cuba Animal Welfare. Our partners contact us when our support is needed and our driver picks up the puppies. Because we pick up our puppies from shelters and rescues, we do not usually see the puppies' parents. The truth is that the puppies transferred to Colorado Puppy Rescue were not bred for profit. They were a mistake and unwanted from the start. Our partner shelters and rescues often pick up young puppies dropped off on the side of the road, find them left in boxes in front of the shelter door or accept the puppies as relinquishment. Much of the time dog owners love their dog, they put money into keeping their dog healthy and trained, they just don’t want the puppies. Here is a link to a Facebook post from the Humane Society of Deaf Smith County for just such an instance. Our partner, Stray Hearts Animal Shelter in Taos, NM has a program called Last Litter. People with puppies can relinquish them to the shelter and then the shelter will spay the mama for free so that the dog and her owner will not have another litter of unwanted puppies. We have found homes for many puppies from the Last Litter program. Sometimes shelters choose to separate mom and pups because of issues the mom is going through. Mom’s milk may have gone bad or Mom might hurt her puppies like in Tyson’s case, and the shelter doesn’t want to chance sending her with her pups. The moms that come in with their puppies or give birth to pups while in our care stay in foster homes with their puppies until we have found homes for the pups, her milk dries up, and she is spayed. Then we start the process of finding her a home as well. Our moms stay in our care for several weeks after their pups find homes. We almost always have at least one adult dog in our foster system. Whatever the case might be, rest assured that this is a joint effort and everyone involved in the rescue process wants mom and puppies to have the best life possible. That’s why we all do this.
  • Can my dog meet the puppy?
    Absolutely. We may ask you to leave your dog with a friend outside until you find your new puppy; this helps to cut down on distractions for our puppies. Make sure that dog is current on all vaccines. We want Colorado Puppy Rescue puppies and your dog to stay as healthy as possible. Please note that this is a high sensory place for dogs - so if your dog does not do well with loud noises and groups of people we highly discourage you bringing your dog inside.
  • What if my puppy isn't working out?
    Try our Pet Resources page first. You may return your puppy days 4-7 after adoption for a full refund. We want you to keep in mind that the puppy needs time to adjust to you and your home. For this reason, Colorado Puppy Rescue will not offer a refund for the first three days after adoption. Puppies adopted at Colorado Puppy Rescue can always be returned to us. Return policies will be reviewed with you at time of adoption.
  • What if I can't come to the adoption event?
    We do not allow viewing and adoption outside of adoption events. We occasionally have adoption events during the week if we have more than 7 puppies available for adoption. Keep an eye on our web page on Saturday evenings to see if we will hold a Sunday or mid-week adoption and which puppies will be there.
  • Can I put a hold on a puppy?
    No. Colorado Puppy Rescue does not take requests. Due to our limited foster homes, we cannot hold puppies for anyone, nor can we board puppies after they are adopted. We do not ship out of state. You must be 21 years or older to adopt from Colorado Puppy Rescue and attend the adoption event virtually in person. We also do not allow puppies to be purchased to be given as gifts.
  • What happens to a puppy that doesn't find a home?
    Puppies that do not find a family at our adoption event will go back home to stay with fosters until our next adoption event.
  • I want to adopt a puppy so I can breed with another dog
    Colorado State Law 35-80-106.4 requires dogs adopted from rescues to be spayed or neutered. Colorado Puppy Rescue takes a deposit to ensure that our adopters follow the law. We will not adopt to anyone who is intent on breeding a puppy adopted from our rescue.
  • I have a long drive to get to your event. Can you guarantee my puppy will be there?
    We encourage adopters to find pets at their local rescues and shelters. Not only is the drive to adopt a puppy stressful. What if this puppy doesn't work out? What if he/she gets sick? You have a long way to travel before we can help you. We do not reserve puppies for any reason and will not ship puppies out of state for adoption.
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