Empty Plate Dinner

Yes, I won't attend the Colorado Puppy Rescue "Empty Plate Dinner."

Please accept my donation of:

$15- "I'm busy that day."

$25- "Thanks, but no thanks."

$50- "I don't want to."

$75- "Staying home, and that's final!"

$100- "Take this dinner and shove it."

$____- "I just don't wanna."

Donations are tax deductible.

Thank you for your Support.

The Hopeful Hound
Is a licensed pet community and adoption center located in Aurora. The Hopeful Hound offers a safe place for rescues like CPR to meet with potential adoptive families. 
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A licensed, no-kill, non-profit rescue specializing in very young puppies and their mothers.

Email : info@coloradopuppy.org