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Experience Testimonials

These volunteers went on the two-day Rescue Experience


As a long time volunteer at Colorado Puppy Rescue, I have had the pleasure of accompanying our Director Kim on several "Puppy Runs" over the years. Kim is such a fun and kowledgeable travel companion as she spends a lot of time in the New Mexico area. If you choose to ride along on a run, either a one day down to Raton and back, or a more leisurely two day trip, both are educational, amazing and can be tiring as well. It's a good tired because we are loading,collaring, watering, feeding, observing, loving and saving precious puppies and transporting them to safety and happiness. This is a must do if you have any interest in seeing how a top notch non-profit Rescue works behind the scenes.


I joined Kim for a puppy run to Taos. I have been a volunteer with CPR for years. Kim is such a great travel companion.  Though Kim taken this trip several times before she enjoys, I think, enabling people to see things they normally don't so much that it doesn't seem to bore her. We stayed in a cute little hotel in Taos and went to the little town square for a charming dinner. In the morning, we made a quick visit to this crazy canyon that you can't see until you are standing at the edge of it. It's really surreal. Then we drove through a little area where there is a community of homes built with things like recycled bottles. So interesting! Then we started picking up puppies. I learned why the amount of puppies we are supposed to take change so often on Intake day - maybe the pups get adopted the night or morning before our arrival or they start showing signs that they need some veterinary care before a road trip is a good idea or various other things that are all very last minute. Kim is so calm through it all, just taking it as it comes and adjusting accordingly. I really would like to go again soon - I highly recommend the trip. You get first glimpse of the puppies and get to interact with them. I think if I were a regular foster, I would go so I can observe the pups for a couple of hours and see who pulls my heartstrings.. Thanks, Kim, for the trip and for the thousands of puppy lives you have saved!!! CPR is truly one of the best volunteer opportunities out there and a Puppy Run is just one reason why!


I had the pleasure of going on an overnight trip to Santa Fe with Kim of Colorado Puppy Rescue, to pick up approximately 35 puppies. On the first day we drove from Aurora CO to Santa Fe, stopping for lunch and a lovely walk, at The Pueblo Riverwalk. We arrived in Santa Fe around 6:00 pm.  Kim was a great tour guide, she really knows the area well. On the second day, we woke up early and met CPR's partners at a local veterinarian office. The puppies were health checked and released to our care. We packed them into the puppy-van and we were off. We returned to Aurora that evening for intake and the adorable pups were fostered for the next few nights. On that Saturday morning, we had our adoption event and successfully homed all of the pups we picked up in Santa Fe. It was such a fun and fulfilling trip. Thank you for the amazing experience. I feel so fortunate to be a part of this incredible puppy rescue!

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