Be our Rescue/Shelter Partner

We can't do this alone. We need help from veterinarians with all specialties, veterinary technicians, dog trainers, shelters and rescues. 

Our veterinary partners provide discounted services to the puppies in our care. Some of our partners provide their time and knowledge so that we can host low-cost vaccine clinics.

Dog Trainers 

Our partner trainers can attend adoption events to answer questions and sign adopters up for classes. They often respond to adopters when they call or email with questions. 

Our trainers offer discounted services to the puppies in our care to help fosters and make sure that our puppies are ready for adoption.

Rescues and Shelters

Nearly every week we drive out to meet rescues and shelters in areas of great need to pick up mama dogs and their puppies. We are currently able to partner with rescues and shelters in Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Our Partners:

ASCMV Las Cruces, NM

I'm Almost Home, NM

Dog Rescue R Us, TX

Angel Fire Rescue

Stray Hearts Animal Shelter

Animal Welfare Coalition of Northern New Mexico

Our Partners:

Full Pawtential Dog Training


The Hopeful Hound
Is a licensed pet community and adoption center located in Aurora. The Hopeful Hound offers a safe place for rescues like CPR to meet with potential adoptive families. 
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A licensed, no-kill, non-profit rescue specializing in very young puppies and their mothers.

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