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How to Adopt

Who Can Adopt?

  • Adopters must be 21 years of age or older.

  • CPR reserves the right to refuse an adoption for any reason. Unfortunately, if you sign up on the Weekly Sign-Up List but did not complete the Adoption Application, we will not be able to serve you at this time.

How to Adopt
  • In an attempt to make adoption as fair as possible, we open our Weekly Sign-Up List the day prior to the adoption event from 2pm-8pm MST.
  • To sign up on the list to potentially adopt, you will donate $5 via a PayPal link. It does not matter when you complete the weekly sign-up, as long as it is within that hour.
  • We are holding in-person adoption events. Doors open at 6pm. We will call your name and you will be able to come meet a puppy that you are interested in. If all goes well please be prepared to take your puppy home that dayOnly people that will be living with the puppy can come. 
  • The weekly sign-up list will be randomized and we will create a "virtual line". Potential adopters will have a chance to adopt based on that randomized list. Duplicate entries are removed. 
  • Everyone who signed up and has an accepted application will be emailed a Google Spreadsheet of the randomized Weekly Sign-Up List list by 8am the morning of the adoption event. From this list, you will be able to see where you are in line, how many people we’ve contacted so far, and which puppies have been adopted.
  • Signing up on the Weekly Sign-Up List does not guarantee that we have a puppy for you that week or that you will get the puppy you want!
  • The $5 fee is a donation to Colorado Puppy Rescue and allows us to take in animals who might need more extensive medical care.
  • Adoption events typically take place on Saturdays unless there’s a holiday. Please consult our Home Page to find out when the next event will take place.
  • Once the sign-up window is closed, we cannot add names to the Weekly Sign-Up List. This is because we sort through sign-ups and link them with the adopter applications. 
  • Adoption applications stay in our system for 6 months from the time of completion. You must submit the application prior to signing up on the Weekly Sign-Up List. Adoption Applications will be reviewed and approved or rejected prior to the adoption event. CPR reserves the right to refuse an adoption for any reason at any time. Unfortunately, if you sign up on the Weekly Sign-Up List but did not complete the Adoption Application, we will not be able to serve you at this time.
  • Please watch the adoption video before we contact you (the link will be emailed to you). If you watch the video and decide that now is not the time for you, please email with the subject line REMOVE [your name] and we will take you off the list.
  • If you missed the Online Sign Up Window but are interested in one of the available puppies please fill out this Virtual Walk-Up List. This list will be checked on on the day of the adoption event until 1pm MST. We will only respond to submissions during that time frame. You must already have an accepted application and names will be put in the order they are received after the weekly Online Signup list has been completed.
How the adoption will work
  • Starting on the adoption day morning at 8 am - you will get a google sheet emailed to your email address. This list will show last name, first initial, your place in "line" and will have the puppy numbers that are available. Note this is an interactive sheet, so as we work with someone we will be checking off names.

  • We will start doing adoptions at 9:30 am on adoption day starting at the top of the online signup list. - Virtual and In-person are on the same list.

  • When it is your turn we will either call you to come inside or send a zoom conference link to your email address that we have for you depending on the option you chose in the online sign up.

  • We ask that the zoom conference be done at your home.

  • During the zoom conference, we will determine that the puppy you want to adopt is available. We will answer any questions you may still have about the contract (NOTE the video will answer the majority of your questions). We will then have you sign the contract and pay the adoption fee.

  • After the contract is signed you will either leave with your puppy or if you are virtual we will schedule a pickup window by 2pm on the day of adoption.

  • If you want to prepare - our puppies are currently eating Nature's Domain Puppy Food found at Costco, Amazon, & Instacart

Receipt of Your Puppy (for virtual adopters)
  • You will be picking up your puppy THAT day.

  • We try to schedule your pickup to be as quickly as you can get to the Hopeful Hound (10021 E. Iliff Ave., Aurora, CO 80247).

  • Appointments for curbside pickup will be provided during the zoom conference. Please do not come UNTIL you have an appointment.

  • The Hopeful Hound 10021 E. Iliff Ave, Aurora, CO 80247.

  • You will need to make a sign with your puppy number on it. We will then verify your name.

  • One of our volunteers will bring your puppy to your car (curbside) at your designated pickup window time.

  • Please wear a mask when you come to pickup your puppy. We want everyone's safety to be our top priority.

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