How to Adopt

Each rescue is unique and what each rescue requires of their adopters differ. We want you to know up front, what to expect from Colorado Puppy Rescue and our adoption events. Our process can take some time. Please plan for it to take at least an hour after your name is called from the list. 

Who Can Adopt?
  • Adopters must be 21 years of age or older.

  • Adopters must attend an adoption event and adopt in person. NO EXCEPTIONS

  • Adopters should bring all household members, including current dog(s) to the adoption event. (Sending pictures, text messages, and talking on the phone to family members who did not attend will waste your meet/greet time with your puppy.)

  • Singles and all family types and sizes are welcome to adopt from Colorado Puppy Rescue.

  • Adopters who love and care properly for their pets may adopt regardless of where they live. (As long as every adult in the household and the landlord agrees on adopting a puppy.)

  • Adopters who do not have a fenced yard are expected to keep their puppies leashed and safe.

  • Adopters must maintain the health and well-being of their puppy with regular vet visits and up to date vaccinations.

  • Adopters must agree to spay/neuter their puppy at a time their vet sees fit.

  • Adoption approval is at the discretion of the Colorado Puppy Rescue directors.

  • We do not adopt to homes who are intent on breeding pups from our rescue. 




Attend An Adoption Event

To adopt a puppy from the Colorado Puppy Rescue, you will need to make a personal visit to our adoption event.  Puppies are only available for viewing and adoption at adoption events, because we are a shelterless rescue and our puppies stay at foster homes during the week. If we are unable to find a suitable home at the first event, then we will hold a second event.

Sign-up On Our List

One person per family can sign-up. The sign-up list is first come/first served to ensure that the first family in line sees the puppy of their choice first. As many as six families can meet with their puppy at a time. Our list is available for sign-up on the day of the adoption event. Online sign-up will be available at 10:00 pm on the evening before the adoption event until 30 minutes before the event begins, then it transitions to in-person sign-ups at The Hopeful Hound adoption center. You only need to sign-up ONCE per adoption event. Some breeds are very popular, so sign-up online if you see the perfect puppy for your home.

We ask that you fill out the Online Questionnaire BEFORE you attend an event. 

Choosing Your Puppy

We have an online questionnaire that we require be filled out prior to viewing a puppy. You can access and fill out the questionnaire any time prior to the event. We will keep questionnaires on file for 6 months.

Before you enter our event, we require everyone to use hand sanitizer. This provides an illness barrier for our puppies. We want you and your puppy to get to know each other. You will have an opportunity to play and cuddle with your new puppy in our play areas. An Adoption Counselor will help you decide if this is the puppy for you. Adoption Counselors are also available to answer any questions you may have on dog ownership or our adoption process.




When you choose to adopt your puppy, we will ask you to fill out an adoption questionnaire so we can ensure our pups are going to the correct, loving, forever homes.

Adoption Fees

In order to continue to rescue puppies, we request an adoption fee. Adoption fees generally range from $300 - $400. This does not include the spay/neuter deposit for most dogs. To find out more about the spay/neuter deposit, please visit our Spay/Neuter Page.

Adopting Your Puppy

We will give you an Adoption Contract. This is a legal and binding contract. A Colorado Puppy Rescue Director will lead an adoption session. Our adoption session covers: 
     - Any shelter or rescue history about your puppy.
     - Your puppy's health certificate.
     - Vaccination information for your puppy.
     - Information specific to CPR puppies.
     - Our contract, what CPR expects from you, and what you can expect from CPR.
     - Information about puppy behavior / health and what to expect from your puppy.
     - Our vet information list.
     - A list of low-cost spay/neuter clinics.
     - How to get your spay/neuter deposit back.




Going Home With Your Puppy

After you attend the adoption session and pay the adoption fee, you will get a copy of your contract, our vet information list, and of course, your puppy. We love happy endings and will want a photograph of your family.

Family photos will be available for download with the link below.

Pet Resources are also available to help with the challenges of new pet ownership.