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Third-Party Fundraisers

Often, people spend their own time, money, and effort organizing a fundraiser to benefit our rescue. These fundraisers vary in type and size, but include garage sales, lemonade stands, bar crawls, motorcycle runs, golf, mini golf and poker tournament and more.  Colorado Puppy Rescue is fortunate for the great generosity and support of people and organizations throughout the metro-Denver area.


If you are interested in organizing and hosting your own event to benefit Colorado Puppy Rescue, please review our policies & procedures, then check out our tips and downloads to help make your event a success.


  1. Choose your fundraiser. You can pick from our list or come up with one of your own.

  2. Read our policies and procedures regarding third-party fundraisers.

  3. We'd like to know about it! Please click here to fill out our short form with the details of your fundraising event.

Pet Fundraiser Ideas

These are general fundraiser ideas focused around pets.

5K or 10 K Dog Walk/Run

This will take a lot of work to plan but the returns are excellent, and the event is a lot of fun. The button gives you an idea on how to plan this type of event.

Egg My House

Talk about a fun raiser. Egg My House Fundraiser for Colorado Puppy Rescue. The button shows how another group that did this.

Tag the Bag

You could use a travel crate. Here it was done with a suitcase, but it's the same idea. Both the crate and the money raised are donated to Colorado Puppy Rescue.

Paper Airplane Contest

Paper Airplane Contest – for accuracy. Make and fly paper planes from the second story of a building to try to land them on the Colorado Puppy Rescue's logo or a big drawing of an object below. All planes must be constructed from standard 8 1/2 x 11 copy paper, with no added parts. $5 per plane entry fee, the proceeds go to Colorado Puppy Rescue. Winner gets a small prize.

Poker Tournament

Host a poker tournament with a percentage of the pot going to Colorado Puppy Rescue. 

Garden Invasion

Garden owners pay a fee for the removal of a decoration invasion that you sneak in during the night. These could be Plastic Flocking Flamingos or Garden Gnomes. Increase earnings by allowing people to buy insurance against having an invasion, and/or an extra fee to have the invasion go to a specific person's garden after leaving theirs! Proceeds go to Colorado Puppy Rescue.

Raising Bail

Raising Bail Fundraiser for Colorado Puppy Rescue. Have a volunteer, boss, principal, owner of a restaurant (or a few) jailed in public view, and set a bail amount for donors, supporters and passersby to raise for them to be released! 

Wall Stuck

Charge a fee for lengths of duck tape that participants can use to stick a high profile volunteer (like the principal of your School), to the wall. This fundraiser is an absolute hit at schools! Proceeds go to Colorado Puppy Rescue.

Bake Sale

Hold a bake sale with the funds raised going to Colorado Puppy Rescue.

Adult Spelling Bee

Take it back to elementary school! Each participant should be sponsored and/or raise funds for Colorado Puppy Rescue with their entry fee. 


Ask for donations from local businesses and set up a live or silent auction. Auctions can be held at work, during a party or even a family reunion! Get creative – auction off the boss as your personal assistant for the day, auction off that close parking spot, auction off your centerpieces. Ask everyone to bring their favorite bottle of wine and auction them all off! Money raised can go to Colorado Puppy Rescue.

Change Jar

Each team member takes a jar with the CPR logo on it and the first person to fill it up gets a prize. Start off with small jars and increase in size each round. Prizes get better each round.


Who makes the tastiest chili in your office/school/church? Which team member bakes the best cupcakes? Both Entries and tasting judges are charged for each voting ballot. Whoever gets the most votes is crowned “Master Chef.”

Dating Night

Get bachelors and bachelorettes involved with this one. The contestants are unseen and must pick their date based on the individual’s responses to questions composed by audience members. Charge admittance to this event.

Dance Off

Which classmate or officemate has the best moves? Hold a dance off to find out! Each dancer pays an entry fee as well as judges. Each round has a surprise theme (disco, break dance, ballet, moonwalk, river dance, robot).

Face Painting

Set up a booth at a park or in conjunction with another event.

Fashion Show

Put a spin on the old fashion show! Have local college students design the clothes, hold a pet fashion show, a Halloween costume show or an accessories fashion show. Be creative, charge an admission fee.

Game Night

Host a party and have every team members bring their favorite game. $10 to get in the door! Or hold a card tournament with a $20 entry fee – half goes to the winner and half goes to Colorado Puppy Rescue. Don’t forget to set up a concessions stand for some extra fundraising.

Garage Sale

Team members band together by donating items for one huge garage sale. Advertise the sale wherever you can and make sure everyone knows where their donations are going!

Haunted House

Decorate a house, office, school, field, or forest and charge admission. Set up a couple games (bob for apples, witch hat ring toss).

Igloo Contest

Perfect for winter! Participants make snow igloos. The best one wins a prize. Igloos too difficult? How about a snowman competition? Charge an entry fee and get $1/vote.

Karaoke Night

Hold this event at a popular neighborhood spot and charge entrance OR rent a karaoke machine and hold a tournament at your house. Voting is done in dollars for dogs.

Office Olympics

Have a fun day at work. Hold events like typing competitions, swivel chair races, staple pull contests, stress ball toss, water cooler drinking game, etc. Ask all athletes to pay an entry fee that will go to Colorado Puppy Rescue.

Pancake Breakfast

This is a perfect event to host before work or worship service. Create a mouthwatering hot breakfast menu with coffee and juice. Charge $10 a plate!


Choose your favorite sport and put departments, grades, genders, or teachers vs. students against each other. Invite the rest of the school or company to watch and cheer. Sell tickets or charge an admission at the door.

Quiz Bowl

Hold a trivia night at a local establishment. See if the restaurant will donate a gift card to the winner and a portion of the night’s proceeds to Colorado Puppy Rescue.

Rapping Contest

Showcase talent or make a fool of yourselves for fun (and charity)!

Spot the Baby Competition

Have everyone bring in a photo of when they were a baby. Have co-workers, friends, or family see who can name the most. Charge $5 for each entry.

Tug of War

Which department or class is the strongest? Hold a tug of war tournament to find out. Teams pay an entry fee and are encouraged to create names, t-shirts and cheers. Afterwards, hold a pot luck.

Golf/Mini Golf Tournament

Setup a Golf of Mini Golf Tournament with proceeds going to Colorado Puppy Rescue.

Motorcycle Run

Plan a Charity Motorcycle Run to support Colorado Puppy Rescue.

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